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I could still see him around every corner, a frown upon his face...

Linney K (jacens_inferno)
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Let's see now...tell about myself...what to tell...

I'm a college graduate, first one in my immediate family. I'm sort of proud of that. I'm working on my Master's in Education, just poking along with it a class or two at a time. I can see that thesis coming up a little too fast though. I've worked everything from retail to teaching to actually trying to write for a living but bombed with that.

I like history and hope to travel one day and see all the places I think about. I like music, classic rock, some newer things too. I'm a movie fanatic and just fall apart if I can't get to see one at least every couple of weeks. I love TV, there's nothing better than to have those favorite shows to hug up to every night. I like museums and hiking and hiding with a special book.

I am the maintainer of lost_foundagain, which is a community for fans of the expanded universe characters Jacen and Anakin Solo, and co-maintainer of meditation_pod, which is for Darth Vader fans. Come by and check them out.

a new hope, aaron allston, alex o'loughlin, amelia peabody, anakin skywalker, anakin solo, anakin/jacen, anakin/padme, angel, aragorn, attack of the clones, batman, battlestar galactica, ben skywalker, betrayal, bionic woman, bloodlines, boba fett, bones, books, boromir, cade skywalker, cane, cats, clone wars, comics, corran horn, coruscant nights, csi, dark nest trilogy, darth caedus, darth krayt, darth maul, darth vader, david eddings, dean koontz, dean winchester, doctor who, draco/hermione, edward/bella, egypt, elizabeth peters, expanded universe, fanfiction, faramir, fury, gardening, guy of gisborne, guy/marian, han solo, han/leia, harry potter, hayden christensen, heroes, indiana jones, inferno, invincible, iron man, jacen solo, jacen/anakin, jagged fel, jaina solo, james luceno, jango fett, jared padalecki, jariah syn, jason dohring, jensen ackles, josef konstantin, journeyman, jude watson, karen traviss, kyp durran, kyp durron, last of the jedi, legacy, legacy of the force, leia organa solo, life on mars, lord of the rings, lost, luke skywalker, mara jade skywalker, mark hamill, matthew stover, mick st. john, mick/beth, moonlight, movies, music, new jedi order, obi-wan kenobi, padme amidala, photography, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, prison break, pushing daisies, ramses emerson, reading, return of the jedi, richard armitage, robert jordan, robin hood, sacrifice, sam winchester, sam worthington, saving grace, sean bean, smallville, somewhere in time, spock/uhura, star by star, star trek, star wars, star wars eu, stephen king, supernatural, tad williams, tempest, tenel ka, the closer, the empire strikes back, the phantom menace, tony/pepper, troy denning, twilight, wedge antilles, writing, x-files, young jedi knights, zachary quinto, zekk